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Available Position: Stylist

Job Title: Stylist (non-exempt)

Compensation: Hourly (no cap)

Requirements: Cosmetology License

Role: Provide clients with amazing hair and an even more amazing experience using the tools and standards provided by the salon.

Career Path: 

1. Complete initial stylist training.

We provide all new stylists, regardless of experience training in our specific techniques and systems that allow us to provide our clients amazing hair without having to sit in our chair all day. 

2. Choose your specialty

Many current stylists like to have a specialty, we encourage you to find your specialty and niche down as much as you want. Work is only fun if the work you are doing is fun. 

3. Choose your schedule.

You shouldn't be sacrificing self care and time with people that you love for work, create a flexible schedule that allows you to live your life. 

4. Lean in.

Your salon owner and coworkers are here to be your biggest fan and your biggest accountability partners. 

5. Level up.

You can earn raises and service price increases as often as 3 times per year. 

6. Opportunities.

If you're ready for more, our team will assist you with the next steps. Are you ready to become and educator? We can help you refine your method, and get your name out there. Do you feel called to be a leader in the industry? You can be promoted to a leadership position within the salon or partner with us to create your own salon dream. Your success defines us. 


  • Start earning pay increases as early as 90 days into employment. 

  • Earn raises up to 4 times per year

  • Lunch provided daily

  • Ongoing education based around your personal specialty and interests

  • Flexible schedule

  • No nightmare clients-our marketing provides us the best clients in the whole world

  • 40% off retail product

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Stellar Guest Experience using our Signature Consultation Method

  • Before and After photos of each client

  • Provide Dimensional color, hair extension, microlines, haircut and treatments on a variety or lengths, textures

  • Attend all paid meetings and educational classes on time and with an open mind

  • Complete the initial stylist training

  • Maintain a clean salon following all salon standards

Metrics for Success:

  • New Client Retention 30% or higher

  • Existing Client Retention 90% or higher

  • Retail Sales: 10%

  • Booked 3 weeks out

  • Seeing 5 New clients per month

  • Average Service $ per hour 

  • Working average of 75% of the available scheduled hours

  • Exceeding cultural standards of THSC

  • Consistent social media contributions

To Apply

email: with:

  • Resume

  • A 2 minute video bio: have fun with it, we just want to see your personality. Keep it casual. Watch this video from our owner.

  • Links to your social media, or pictures of your work

  • You favorite personality test and how you identify within it. (ie. enneagram, Myers-Briggs, Languages of Appreciation/5 Love languages)

  • Your results of THIS QUIZ

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