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Welcome to Wigs

Wigs have come a long way over the years. Wigs are almost completely undetectable when properly fitted and customized. We offer the highest quality human hair and synthetic options. Wigs are great for anyone dealing with hair loss, alopecia, or trichotillomania.

We fully customize all wigs purchased, and set you up to success with everything you need at home for your wig. We also offer maintenance and refurbishment services to keep your wigs looking good for years. If you need a wig due to a medical condition your insurance may cover some of all of your wig cost. Contact your insurance for more info. 

Keep reading and we will fill you in on all the wig basics, or click below to set up your wig consultation appointment. 


Wig Basics: Fibers


Soft like human hair, but holds its style even in humid or wet weather. A great option if your want low maintenance hair. 

Heat Friendly Synthetic

The ease of synthetic fibers with the ability to change up your style with your mood. You can use heat tools at up to 300°

Human Hair

Soft and natural, a great option if you want the most luxurious wig experience. You can style as you would your natural hair, and even make slight adjustments to the color.

Wig Basics: The Cap


Cap Construction

This is the interior construction of the wig. The cap features will determine how comfortable wear is, and how undetectable your wig is. We will help you choose a cap based on your desired style, and personal preference. 

We first measure to figure out your size, then help you find the features you will find the most comfortable. Velvet ear tabs, grippy silicone, adjustable nape. There is an option for everyone. 



There are lots of words used when we are talking about wigs Here are a few key words that you have likely seen when researching wigs. 

Mono-top/Monofilament: This is typically used on the top of the wig to give a super realistic part line.

Lace Top/ Lace Front: Used on top and/or on the hair line for the most realistic look. 

Wefted/Open Cap: hair fibers are sewn in strips that can then be sewn on to a wig. Wefted open caps are typically more affordable.

Wig Basics: Customization


Every wig purchase comes with a full customization package.

The package includes:


-All the home care products you need to care for your new hair at home. 

-Custom cut to fit your specific needs. 

-Cap sizing based on your head shape

-style touch up. Anything that was messed up during shipping with be put back into place. 

We also offer wig maintenance and refurbishment services, so you wigs will last you for years to come. 

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