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Available Position:
Content Capture Assistant

Job Title: Content Capture Assistant

Compensation: Hourly

Location: In Salon at 531 Corralitos Rd. Unit D, 95076

Requirements: Knowledge of social media and target market branding, basic cell phone photography, and excellent communication skills with coworkers and customers. Excitement to learn and perfect unknown skills.

Initial Schedule: 4-6 hours per week with option to grow into more 

Role and Responsibilities:

This roll has room to grow for someone who is driven and excited about marketing in the beauty industry. The initial roll entails coming to the salon 2-3 times per week for 1-2 hours each visit and capture content for use across all salon social media channels. Content is then uploaded to the salons shared drive for use.

Initially, management will help the Content Capture Assistant with the hours worked but as they learn to read our schedule and get to know our target market they can choose their own hours within a set framework. We understand that this is, initially, a small role and interested parties will likely have kids or other people they are responsible for with them throughout the day, but we ask that when the Content Capture Assistant is in that they come alone. Our space is small so having additional people in the space can take away from the clients experience. 

Ideal Candidate: 

The ideal candidate knows how to take direction, is comfortable with direct communication. Enjoys getting creative within company approved framework. Has a desire to leave everything they touch better than they found it. Isn't afraid of video, either has working knowledge of video content creation or a desire to dive in deep. Organized, and detailed oriented. Must be comfortable assigning tasks to coworkers and management. Must have strong communication skills, and take redirection well. 

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Capture still photos of target market services

  • Capture video of target market services

  • Upload all captured content to shared salon drive

Metrics for Success:

  • Plenty of available content for management to use in social media marketing efforts

  • Increase in new client inquiries for target market services

  • Increase in engagement on social platforms

To apply, please submit the following to :

  • A 2 minute video bio: have fun with it, we just want to see your personality. Keep it casual. Watch this video from our owner

  • The 3 Instagram accounts that give you all the feels

  • You favorite personality test, and how you identify within it? (ie. enneagram, Myers-Briggs, Languages of Appreciation/5 Love languages)

  • Your results of THIS QUIZ

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