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We are always open to adding the right person to our team....

is that you?

stylists working on clients


Passionate, a good collaborator, excited to be a part of a salon team, always open to learning and growing, wanting to be part of the Corralitos community, not afraid of change, self motivated, eager to take part in a fast paced training program designed to get you the practical salon skills you need. 


We believe in 6 hour work days, flexible schedules, unlimited time off, and a TRUE salon career path. We use exclusive business tools, and proven salon techniques to serve our clients the best salon experience. We believe in innovation and taking initiative to make our salon the best for clients and coworkers.

stylists chatting in an apple orchard

1. No excuses, no BS

2. Find solutions through growth and learning

3. Integrity above all

4. Take initiative

5. Driven to connect and engage with the community

6. Clients come FIRST

front of the salon


The Hair Studio, Corralitos provides efficient luxury color, hair extension and Microlines services with the most loved staff, boasting numerous rave reviews, and consistent demand from new clients


We provide color, extension and Microlines services that look good in the salon and at home using efficient luxury tools and techniques so that clients can get back to their busy lives faster and more beautifully.

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