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The truth behind the going grey in one day haircolor transformations

If you have been coloring your hair to cover or blend grey, you have likely considered quitting color altogether. If you've done that you've likely also found some incredible transformations online all done in one day. They're 🤯, and really make you want to dive in. We agree.

If you're ready to embrace your grey and you want a one day transformation we are going to walk you through the process, and expectations after the process so that you know exactly what you're signing up for and what to expect.


Going grey experts suggest growing out 3-4 inches of roots prior to getting your color transformation. This gives your stylist plenty of your natural color to see color pattern and create a natural blend.

Plan to spend a LONG LONG LONG day in the salon. These transformations can take 8 hours or more. the process of removing your existing color and creating the perfect blend between your natural and the previously colored hair takes many processes.

Long days in the salon, typically, mean a large financial investment. In addition to paying for your color service, be prepared to invest in products to maintain your new color at home, and additional maintenance services (don't worry, we will go into more detail on this next).

You will need maintenance services. The transformations are amazing, but one thing that often doesn't get covered in the conversations about removing your color and going grey is that it isn't a one time salon visit. Your hair is a natural fiber, and even with permanent color the color will fade and change with washing, sun exposure, and just life in general. This means the hair that was previously colored may start to look more blonde than silver or grey. Your stylist can refresh this in the salon as your color grows our completely.

You will need proper products to care for your hair at home. The first step in any of these transformations is lightening out the old color. This will cause damage to your hair but an experienced stylist will use treatments throughout your service, and take caution with your hair so while the texture may feel a bit different you will not suffer breakage. Your home care products will likely consist of a repairing or deep conditioning treatment, some stylist can custom mix color into your conditioner to help you maintain the color at home. You may also want to opt for a color protecting shampoo and styling products that provide heat and UV protection.

Now that you know more about going grey in a day, do you want to do it more or less?

If you want to see other options for embracing your grey without quitting color cold turkey you can check out our blog post on color options for grey HERE

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