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Solutions for Grey hair

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

What was your first thought when you found your first grey hair?

"I'm so old!"

"It's probably cause of the kids"

"How is this possible I'm so young?!"

No matter what your first thought was, your next thought was probably to pull it out or that it was time to start coloring your hair. We would never recommend pulling out your hair and it's not because of the old wives tale. No, pulling it out will NOT make more grow. However, grey hair typically does tend to grow in in the same area of the head, so it's not surprising to see more pop up in the same area.

I became a licensed hairstylist in 2006 and one of my first clients told me she was on the waitlist for a pill that would reverse grey hair. I've moved so I don't do her hair anymore, but I see her on social media and she still colors her hair (and it's still beautiful).

More recently, I'm seeing a supplement that "claims" to reverse grey hair, there isn't anything that has been proven to reverse it yet, so I can only assume that it's "snake oil", or it maybe kind of works for some people?? Besides, the only people I see in the ads are paid influencers, and they all have dark hair so if it is working maybe it only works for those with very dark hair? To be honest it just looks scammy.

So instead of selling you hopes and dreams, let's talk about real options when it comes to dealing with grey hair. We will start with, you don't have to color it. Grey hair is beautiful and we have seen so many beautiful transitions to natural grey since 2020. But if you don't want to see it or don't want to be perceived as grey, in that case here are some options for you:

The most aggressive option is to cover it all. This option is great if you don't want to see any grey hair anywhere on your head and you're comfortable with frequent salon visits. Typically, people who prefer this option for coverage are in the salon every 2-6 weeks. The down side is if you have an abundance of grey, especially around your front hair line you will start seeing it grow in within 1-2 weeks. You will also have a more harsh line of demarcation which can be frustrating.

(Before and after)

Blend it with a solid tone. With this option you get softer coverage compared to the first option, so your grey hair still appears lighter than the rest of your hair but it has a slight tint to it so it's not as harsh. This is a great option for someone who is baby stepping away from full coverage, or someone who wants full coverage but only wants to go to the salon every 8-10 weeks. It's also great if you like having some natural dimension in your hair since the naturally lighter parts of your hair will continue to be lighter, and the naturally darker parts will be darker.

Blend it with complementary dimensional tones. This is one of our favorite options because it provides the softest regrowth option and gives a beautiful natural blend. Typically we choose two tones. We choose the tones based on your natural hair color, skin tone, and eye color. Then we choose placement based on how the natural highs and lows of your hair are and your personal preference, leaving plenty of your natural hair in between for the softest and most natural looking end result. We love this option because if you ever decide to stop coloring your hair it is the easiest and lowest maintenance transition.

Ok, but what about texture? We have plenty of clients who tell us, "You know I wouldn't mind the grey if it just wasn't such a different texture from the rest of my hair." It can be so frustrating when those wiry pieces start growing in. So what can we do for that?

A keratin treatment is a great option whether you color your grey or leave it natural. The Keratin treatment bonds to the hair and softens the natural wave. It is bonded using a smoothing iron at a pretty high temp chosen based on your natural texture and desired end result. They can last up to 12 weeks with proper care. If you opt for keratin and want to keep your grey hair we will always use the lowest effective temperature possible because high heat can cause yellowing in the hair.

So, which grey option is for you?!

  • Cover it all!

  • Blend with solid tone.

  • Blend with complimentary dimensional tones.

  • Keratin sounds good!

You can vote for more than one answer.

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