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Has my hair stopped growing?

There are 4 reasons our hair won't grow:

  1. Terminal length (click to read about terminal length)

  2. Breakage (click to read about breakage)

  3. Malnourishment (click to ready about how nutrition effects hair)

  4. Perception

We address the other reasons in other blogs so make sure to check those out too, this one's all about perception.

When we are growing out our hair we use a lot of physical markers as milestones. So there could be a good chance that your hair is still growing at a steady rate but it just fails to meet your markers.

This takes me back to a couple years ago. I had gone through what I thought was a traumatic breakup, and dyed my hair brown (I'm a natural blonde). When I wanted to go back to blonde my hair just did not handle it well. I have fine thin hair that can't handle major chemical work.

So in my continued quest to find myself as a single person in her 20s, I cut my hair short into a pixie cut. I was not a pixie person, it looked ok, but it just never felt like me. So I instantly started growing it out.

Every milestone was exciting. It finally got to my chin and I had a bob. Then I was able to get a little ponytail, then it was at my shoulders, then it was past my shoulders.......and it felt like the growth slowed down a lot.

What really happened is there was a lot more space between the growth milestones. Rather than 1-2 inches of growth feeling like a lot, the next milestone is the armpits or middle of the back where you can feel it and that's like 4+ inches away depending on how tall you are. Then after that, where's the next milestone? The bra strap? The waist? Those are even further away?

So the moral of the story is, if you're doing everything right, and your hair doesn't feel like it's growing, it is probably still growing and you just have quite a distance between growth milestones.

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