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Is it breakage, or something else?

Does your hair grow and seem to just stop and never get past a certain length? Well, there's a few reasons for that:

Our hair grows from the roots and breaks at the ends. So when we want long hair we need to be sure we treat our ends with tender loving care.



  • Take advantage of in salon treatments: Your stylist has treatments they can do in salon to super repair and protect your ends. In our salon we offer Olaplex, and our signature Nourish, Repair and Rejuvenate treatments. The reason these are in salon only treatments is because they are too strong to be used regularly at home and your stylist should help you determine what is right for your hair. Too much of the wrong treatment can cause even more problems.

  • Also at the salon is color. If you are worshipping at the blonde alter you have likely experienced unwanted breakage at some point. We recommend finding a blonde specialist. These stylists specialize is bling bling blonde without breakage. They use special techniques to ensure color doesn't overlap and you get the perfect blonde you love.

Even if you aren't blonde and you color your hair overlapping color, or improper formulating of your color can cause unwanted breakage. We recommend finding a specialist in the type of color you have. That way you can ensure they are using the best formula and techniques for your hair.


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