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"How do I know if I'm using my hair products wrong?"

There is nothing more fun than purchasing a whole set of something that is going to change your life.

Recently, I took up watercoloring and I purchased everything a beginner watercolorist would need, only to realise that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. So many brushes, paints in tubes rather than cakes, colors getting muddy in the water, painting attempts going wrong and the list goes on! After a little research I managed to figure out how everything works and in what order, and I think it's safe to say that my skills are now on the road to improvement.

My watercolor fiasco may be your hair care fiasco. So I thought I'd help you answer your question of whether you're using your products right or not, with the knowledge I possess as a professional hairstylist.

So let's talk about; How to use your products and in what order.


  • Before getting in the shower for your wash make sure you brush your hair to detangle it. Also brush your scalp to break any build up or dead skin. If you have curly hair and brushing is obviously not an option then use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to break up the hair at the root and the build up or dead skin on the scalp.

During wash.

  • Shampoo. If you don't shampoo daily you'll likely need to lather twice. Start with a quarter size of shampoo, rub that between your hand and work it into your scalp and roots (don't worry about the ends). Scrub at the roots and add some more water. You may not get a good lather at first and that's ok. Rinse. Once you're done rinsing use the same amount of shampoo again, emulsify in your hand, then work into the roots. At this point you should have a good lather. Focus the scrubbing on the scalp only. The ends of your hair get washed enough when you scrub your scalp and rinse.

  • Conditioner or Treatment: Both of these should be concentrated toward the ends. You can use a wide tooth comb or shower brush to detangle. If you're conditioning then just let it sit a minute or two and rinse. If you're using a treatment let it sit for 5-10 minutes then rinse.

Post wash.

  • Strengthening spray: This should be lightly sprayed all over but concentrated through the ends.

  • Everything Oil: A little goes a long way! So use a tiny amount and concentrate through the ends of your hair.

  • Styling cream: Use a small amount to start, you can always add more. Concentrate through the ends then use the last little bit that's remaining through the top.

(You'll notice that most products are concentrated toward the ends, this is because the roots will have the natural oils and you don't want to add anything that will create extra oil.)

  • Volume spray: This one can go at the roots! Since this product is formulated to expand the hair and absorb oil to keep hair full you want to spray this at the roots and lightly through the ends.

(You don't need to be using all of these products but if you do, this is the recommended order.)

You can then blow dry or air dry.

On Dry hair.

  1. Dry Shampoo: This should be sprayed from 8-10 inches away and we recommend using it on dry hair the day you wash your hair, that way it will start absorbing oil from the get go so you can go longer between shampoo days. For maximum oil absorption, do light sprays in the morn and night to keep your hair looking fresh.

  2. Dry Texture spray: Lightly spray to add volume and definition. This product will add a lot of texture, so a little will go a long way.

  3. Hairspray: Choose your hold (low, medium or high) and spray. If you want to maintain max volume, tilt your head to the side, then lift up the hair on the lower side of your head from the root. Spray it up into hair from below. This will create extra hold and volume.


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