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"How do I add volume to my hair?"

We understand the struggle of having hair so flat it gives flat screen TVs a run for their money! Haha, all jokes aside we wanted to put an end to bad hair days and this is one step in that direction. So here's a list we made by compiling some of the tips we have to make your hair look more alive!

Quick tips to add volume:

  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that are the proper weight for your hair: This doesn't always mean volumizing shampoo but volumizing shampoo can be great. Also a light but nourishing shampoo is great too, like the Everything Shampoo and Conditioner.

  • Don’t overly detangle damp hair. Lots of brushing smoothes out the hair and eliminates natural volume. If your hair is short you may not want to pre-detangle at all. If your hair is longer then focus on just the ends and do a final detangle after the roots are completely dry. Avoid overly smoothening the roots.

  • Use volumizing product on damp hair. Do this prior to blowdrying, we love the Spruced Volume Spray. Make sure you concentrate the product at the roots. This will add texture and volume.

  • Blow-dry upside down. Yes, we know this may sound funny but it's quite effective. Blow dry your hair upside down for as long as you are comfortable being in that position and let your hair cool upside down as well. If you'd like, you can also use a brush while drying your hair but wait until your hair is 80% dry or more.

  • Use aerosols. Aerosols have quick drying ingredients which add texture and volume. We love the Spruced Dry Shampoo (Yes, Use it right after washing and drying) and the Dry Texture Spray or Everything Hairspray.

  • Curl it. I'm sure you've already noticed but adding curls or waves does add a lot of volume! And once you're done curling you can lock it in with the Spruced Everything Hairspray.

We hope these tips helped and do let us know if you'd like more tips in the future! In the meantime follow us on all our social platforms for regular updates.


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