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Hair Extension Options

We are excited to offer 3 different hair types to better fit your needs and budget. They are all high quality human hair, and we color all extensions to perfectly match your hair. 

The Options

Hand Tied Wefts: These have the smallest weft size, and the top of the weft takes color making it the most discreet and best blend. They also offer the most options for texture. 

Mini Weft: These are super thin making them extremely comfortable, but the top of the weft uses a small amount of silicone that is a bit shiny, and does not take color, and they don't have as many texture options

Machines Weft: These are the thickest option and are great for adding fullness, but they can feel bulkier, and they don't have as many options for textures

hair extension transformation

Hand Tied Wefts

These are the ultimate in comfort and blend. These are the thinnest wefts and are virtually undetectable  even when the hair is parted. The band of the weft will take haircolor so they provide the most seamless blend. They are available in a variety of lengths and textures to provide the ultimate blend.

Hand tied wefts

Mini Wefts

Mini wefts are thin and discreet like hand tied wefts, but they use a tiny bit of silicone to hold the hair together. This makes them durable, but they don't provide as discreet of a blend when the hair is parted because the silicone band will not take color and has a slight sheen. 

mini wefts
mini wefts
machine wefts

Machine Wefts

These provide maximum fullness but they are thicker and bulkier than hand tied or mini wefts. The are more durable than hand tied wefts, but don't provide as discreet of a blend. The band of the weft is not always able to be colored to match your haircolor. 

machine wefts
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