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Why is my hair thinning?

Years in the making, our newest service Hair and Scalp Analysis.

A lot of what hairstylists focus on are instant fixes, big transformations that happen in one day. Haircuts, hair color, hair extensions, and even non-surgical hair replacement.

Those are all wonderful solutions to problems, but for those dealing with hair loss and hair thinning we still avoid analyzing something that could be stopped or even reversed.

Now to provide a more holistic approach to your hair care, we have added Hair and Scalp Analysis. This service allows us to dive deep into the reasons you may be experiencing hair loss. We analyze your hair and scalp with a specialized microscope, dig into your health history and lifestyle to determine potential causes, and little shifts that can be made to slow or stop your hair loss.

So what do we do in a Hair and Scalp Analysis? We start with a health and lifestyle questionnaire and conversation, this provides tons of information that can lead us to the potential causes of the hair loss. Then we break out the fancy equipment, we use a high powered microscope to look at exactly what is happening on the scalp and hair. With this we can see build up, scalp and hair damage, track potential problem spots, and evaluate overall scalp health.

This is an example of what we see when we look through the microscope at the scalp. Here we see buildup and clogged follicles that will inhibit hair growth if they aren't effectively cleansed away regularly. This is likely due to psoriasis so we have recommended a regime that will reduce inflammation, and they are also working with a dermatologist.

This is a scalp that has minimal build up on the right, and after deep cleansing on the left. This person has fine hair, not excessive thinning but they want to ensure they don't thin with age. So we have recommended a regime to keep the scalp cleansed, increase hair and scalp healthy foods, and decrease stress with a simple styling plan.

Our treatment focuses on small very doable shifts that works toward a healthier scalp and hair. For some it may be adding a new product into the weekly routine, for others it maybe a new product and adding in some bonus nutrition in the form or foods or supplements. The bonus is that some of the recommended shifts are just generally good for your overall health as well!

The best part, you don't have to remember any of the information we give you at your analysis, we will email it all to you, in the form of a simple and easy to follow ebook, complete with links to tutorials, recommended products, and an easy to follow recommended weekly routine based on your unique lifestyle.

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