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Less Washing and Less Dry Shampoo

Don't get me wrong, I freaking love dry shampoo and I truly feel our Spruced Dry Shampoo is the best. It's light weight, has no heavy smell, and doesn't leave your hair looking dusty. But there are some people who straight up don't like dry shampoo, and I respect their opinion. There are also people who don't see success with dry shampoo alone. So I am here is the 5 things I do to wash less, use less dry shampoo, and keep my hair looking fresh. I do all of these weekly, and they help keep my hair looking and feeling fresh in spite of my daily treadmill sessions and night sweats.

Deep Clean Your Scalp

You will need: Scalp Prep (available in the salon) or Scalp Mask, Shampoo Brush, and a Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

Before getting in the shower use a regular hair brush or your Shampoo Brush and brush the scalp to break up dirt and oil that has built up from the last wash.

Next apply your Scalp Prep or Scalp Mask and let it sit according to directions on the bottle.

In the shower, use a deep cleansing shampoo. Ensure your shampoo is lathering, 2 or 3 shampoos maybe necessary depending on how long you like to wait to wash. Be sure you are getting a lather all over at the roots.

When you are on your last shampoo use your shampoo brush to gently massage the scalp and clear out those hair follicles.

DON'T RINSE YOUR FINAL SHAMPOO, let your final lather sit and do it's work. I like to give it about 5 min. Enough time to shave your legs or get a real good body scrub going.

Rinse the shampoo and condition as usual.

Blow Dry - the roots

I know, you're a low maintenance girlie and you just don't want to style your hair every time you wash. Don't worry, I'm not asking you to style it. Just blow dry the roots. I like to add Spruced Volume Spray for volume, and some light oil absorption prior to drying. I don't always dry all of my hair or even style it on wash days, but just drying the roots sets your hair up for success.

Use a Scalp Essence

I love this Scalp Essence from Nutrafol it helps to balance oil production, calm the scalp and keep follicles open for optimum hair growth. It doesn't leave any residue on dry hair so it can be used daily even if you aren't washing.

Ditch the messy buns and the ponytails

I know, this is basically blasphemy. Didn't we just talk about how we don't always want to style our hair?! Yes, we did and you still don't have to. When we pull our hair into a

ponytail or messy bun we are smoothing our hair against our head. This means hair that normally wouldn't be close to the scalp is now very close to the scalp and our natural oils are further down the hair strand which can make hair look oilier than it would normally be.

Fine, you get it, but you're not happy about it, that's ok. What's the alternative? The almighty claw clip! Yep, when used properly, they will get your hair out of your face quickly and securely and also lift your hair off your scalp so the natural oil stays at the scalp AND they don't crease hair like a hair elastic or even a scrunchie can. Personally, I've been opting for half up half down as my got to, with my clip placed at my crown or higher. If I need it all up I will add a second clip to the back and take it out when I'm done.

No Touching

Try to keep your hands out of your hair. For me that means using claw clips, styling it, or using my sunglasses on my head to keep it out of my way. I also like to keep the front long enough to tuck behind my ear. If you can't tuck, the hair around your face likely seems ready to wash more often. Right? That's ok, You can just wash that hair, you don't have to wash it all. just washing your bangs or doing what we call a toupee wash (just washing the top of your hair) is totally normal and leaves you feeling fresh without the labor of styling all of your hair. There are no rules that say you have to wash all of your hair.

Love these tips? Want more? You can DM us on Instagram or Facebook with feedback, and your questions. We love answering questions in video format on social media then doing to a deep dive over here on our blog.


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