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How to get more time between hair washings.

Sometimes when I'm scrolling social media I see people making videos about going 5, 10, 20 days without washing their hair, as if they are superior for it. As if washing daily is terrible, and makes you less cool than these oily queens.

In truth, it doesn't matter. There is some benefit for the hair to allow the natural oil to nourish the hair, but today's hair products also help us keep our hair healthy, so really it's a you do you world. However, if you do want to get more time between washes, I'm here to help.

The convenience and time savings from not washing are very very real. But no one wants to walk around looking like a grease ball. I, Carolyn, am a certified grease ball, and I was also late to jump on the 'don't wash your hair every day' trend. I was convinced it wasn't for me, even as a hairstylist, it felt gross, my hair looked gross, and it never styled well. I was close to a decade into my career before I figured it out.

So what's the magic trick? What did I magically discover? Well, I discovered that you really have to find what works for you. There are a lot of options and nuances and finding the right combination for you is key. You also have to want it, there is no getting past the fact that you just aren't washing your hair, your hair isn't going to have that freshly scrubbed feeling everyday. You have to learn to be ok with it, if you don't want to that's ok, again, YOU DO YOU.

I'm going to break down all the little things and products that can help you extend time between washing without feeling gross.

First we will start with products you can add to your routine.

  1. Dry shampoo (I prefer this one)

  2. Scalp essence (This one works well)

  3. Deep Cleansing Shampoo (it's safe for color treated hair too!

Now lets Dive into techniques. I'm going to give you a lot of options. Try them one at a time. The goal is to create a new wash routine that you can stick with.

You've likely read all about it, probably bought a million brands of it. Dry Shampoo. While yes, finding the right brand for you is important, equally important is your technique. When you are first working on washing less you will want to wash your hair, dry your hair and immediately apply dry shampoo (yes, even if you wash at night). This way the dry shampoo is on your hair absorbing oil from the start. Additionally, apply your dry shampoo morning and night. This will keep oil from building up, and really keep your hair looking fresh, especially if your identify as a greaseball (like me).

Our pick for Dry Shampoo is the Spruced Dry Shampoo, we love it because it is light weight and super effective. It doesn't leave a white cast even on the darkest hair, and it has a light scent that doesn't linger so you can enjoy applying it but it isn't going to be competing with your perfume.

A lesser known products that can be used with or without dry shampoo is Scalp Essence. Scalp essence focuses on scalp health soothing the scalp helping to create an ideal growing environment, balancing oil production, and balance pH. This is best used daily on a dry scalp. If you are also using dry shampoo you will want to apply your Scalp Essence first allow it to dry then apply dry shampoo. We love the Nutrafol Scalp essence. If you purchase through our link you will receive the best prices.

Another product to add to your routine when you are washing less is a deep cleansing shampoo. How often you use it will depend on how often you are washing. If you are washing every other day, you might want to use it every 3rd wash. If you're washing once weekly then using it every time you shampoo would be appropriate. We love the Spruced Rejuvenate Shampoo. It has black clay and charcoal to remove impurities without overly stripping the hair. Like a facial for your hair.

Speaking of shampoo, there are quite a few techniques you can use in the shower to extend time between washing.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

First our favorite, and one of the easiest, and what you may remember being the directions on the back of every shampoo bottle years ago. Lather, rinse, repeat. Wash more than once. If you are washing every other day then lather up twice, if you are washing once a week you may want to lather up 3 times. If you're washing once a week and have a ton of hair you may need to lather up 4 times. When you are lathering up your shampoo rub it between your hands first before applying it to your hair. when you apply it to your hair concentrate at the roots not just the top of your head. You want to get a good lather all over your scalp. Don't worry about scrubbing the lengths of your hair. They will get plenty clean promise.

Ok, so you're lathering up 2, 3, maybe 4 times now. Our next tip is to let your shampoo sit on your head. So when you lather up that last time let it sit for a couple of minutes. Allow the shampoo a little extra time to break up the dirt and oil and really cleanse the hair and scalp.

Another option to add while you are shampooing is a shampoo brush. These use silicone teeth to gently scrub the scalp and aid in the breaking up of the dirt and oil. It's great for scalp stimulation and helping to clear follicles that might be impacted with sebum. They also just feel great.

We are still in the shower with you giving you tips. After your luxurious shampoo it's time to condition. the key with conditioner is to only use it where you need it. Conditioner is to nourish your hair that isn't getting nourishment from your scalp. This is primarily the ends of your hair. Applying conditioner too close to the scalp can make the hair feel greasy faster.

Just Rinse

Finally, our last shower tip. If you aren't washing but you crave water hitting your head, just rinse your hair. Get your hair wet, it's ok. Rinsing can help distribute natural oils which on some hair types can help the hair look and feel fresher longer. This may not be the best option for all hair types but try it. We love that water rushing over our head feeling too.

Ok, lets get out of the shower and move on to styling tips.

On your damp hair you likely start applying a few styling products. For the most part you want to keep all of these off your roots. The main exception would be a volumizing spray (we love Spruced Volume Spray because it also helps control oil production). Often styling products are a gel, cream or oil base and these are mostly needed through the mid lengths and ends, not at the root.

Get it Dry

Dry your hair, or at least your roots. This infuses volume into your hair, allows you to apply

your Scalp Essence and Dry Shampoo and slows down the oil migration. Even if you're washing at night, pull out that blow dryer and get your hair or at least your roots dry.

Shampoo Brush (but don't shampoo)

Remember that shampoo brush we talked about a few paragraphs up? It's multi use! You can use your shampoo brush on your dry scalp on non-wash days to help the scalp feel fresh, and break up the build up feeling at the roots. You can also use it after applying your Scalp Essence or Dry Shampoo to help distribute it. A little mid wash cycle scalp massage is always a good idea.

We might get canceled for this one, that's why we put it towards the end. Ditch the

messy bun. We know you love it, we love it too. But messy buns and styles starting with a ponytail in general, position the hair in a way that will make it look greasier faster. First off your hair is kept smooth against your head, flat hair will always look greasy faster but also, more of your hair is sitting close to your scalp where all the oil is produced so it will be further down the hair shaft faster. Using a claw clip to pull hair up softly will help you keep your hair out of your face and off of your oily scalp.

People of color have been doing it for years, and they know what's up. Wearing a bonnet lessens the friction between your hair and pillow. This means less tangles, less movement of natural oils, less bedhead.

Head to our Instagram and let us know what your are going to try adding to your routine to go longer between washes.

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