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"How do I get rid of flyaways?"

Flyaways making you crazy? 😖 Wondering why you have them in the first place?

All the hair on our body goes through growth cycles. That means it grows, then rests, then sheds, then starts all over again. The hair on our head has longer growth and rest cycles, compared to any other hair on our body. When the hair sheds it then starts to regrow but it takes a while for it to catch up to the rest.

A basic rule of thumb is, when the hair is under 1 inch long it will stand straight up, if it doesn't have other hair weighing it down. So in the process of just trying to regrow, they stand up and drive us crazy!

Another reason you may be seeing flyaways could be because of breakage; this can happen from improper brushing, chemical damage, water and so on.

Regardless of the reason, we want to minimize them! So here are our favorite tips:

  1. Don't blowdry your hair upside down. If you're coming from our "How do I add volume to my hair?", you may find yourself thoroughly confused right now. Yes, if you want volume this is the best way to build volume, but if the flyaways make you crazy you will have to decide what is more important to you. To reduce the appearance of flyaways, keep the air directed down the hair shaft from roots to end to get as many hairs smoothed down as possible. If you splurged on a dyson blowdryer, they have a super cool flyaway attachment that we've heard actually works!

  2. Use the heat from your flat iron or curling iron the gently smooth the flyaways down. Be careful not to burn yourself! Use the outside of your flatiron or your curling iron (after it's been turned off and starting to cool down) to just pet the fly always down. You will also want to add product as seen in tip 3.

  3. Use product to help it hold. Pick up a little Everything oil and start by rubbing it into your hands and then gently apply it on the ends of your hair. Use the last little bit to smooth the flyaways down. You can also use Dry texture spray or Everything hairspray to add even more hold.


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