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Hair problems you could be having based on your lifestyle.

Our lifestyles affect our hair more than we think. Big things like swimming regularly, to small things like what side we sleep on can make a huge impact. Some things we may want to shift and some we may not.

So let's discuss what things in our lifestyle could be affecting our hair and IF we want to change it, what we can do.


I know this will surprise many people but water will damage your hair. Lots of prolonged exposure can cause the hair to become dry, tangley and be prone to breakage.

Solution: Wet your hair with fresh water and put in conditioner before going in the water. It will keep your hair from absorbing the salt, or chlorine (even salt water pools have chlorine). Wash your hair as soon as you can after and if you were in a swimming pool, use a deep cleaning or chlorine removal shampoo. Deep condition as often as possible, if you aren't going to have time to dry your hair right after you can even leave your conditioner in and do a sleek braid or bun.

Keto, Atkins Diet, or Calorie Restrictions:

All of these diets severely restrict either a food group or overall nutrition. When the body isn't receiving enough nutrition it doesn't have enough energy to sustain all functions. Typically one of the first functions to stop is hair growth.

Solution: Consult with your doctor and registered dietitian (or nutritionist) to find a healthy balance to help you meet your health goals in a safe, healthy, and sustainable way.

Side sleeping: This may come as a shock but sometimes your hairstylist can tell what side you sleep on. This is because the side that is normally on your pillow can have some breakage or even be significantly shorter than the other side.

Solution: Tie your hair back in a loose braid with a soft scrunchie. Use a silk pillowcase to lessen the friction between your hair and the pillowcase.

Always wearing a messy bun or ponytail:

Anyone who wears a bun or ponytail tend to have their own spot on their head where they always wear their bun or ponytail. For some people it's high on the crown, and for some it's low in the nape. Pulling your hair to the same spot day after day can cause breakage because of the tension put on their hair in that spot and the tension from the elastic (scrunchie, spiral hair tie, clip etc).

Solution: Change it up. If you love a high messy bun, try a low ponytail or braid instead.

Heavy Exercise, lots of sweating: If you sweat a lot due to exercise, environment, or genetics this can cause your hair to look greasy, and if you are exercising and not getting enough calories it can also cause hair loss (see above).

Solution: If you don't want to wash more often then use a dry shampoo, this will help absorb the excess oil that is being distributed by the sweat and help keep your hair looking fresh. Wash more often, depending on your hair and lifestyle this may not be the ideal solution.

Smoking/Recreational drugs: These can all cause many health issues. In the hair you will likely see hair loss or thinning, and yellowing or dulling or natural color.

Solution: contact your doctor for safe, effective, and sustainable resources to quit.

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