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Hair Extensions for Hair Loss

Dealing with hair loss is stressful, let alone looking for treatment solutions and concealment solutions. Doctors aren't always helpful, hair loss is often an acceptable symptom in their eyes or they aren't afforded the time and resources to get you answers. (Insurance won't cover it, or their medical group doesn't allow long enough appointments for it, or the services needed aren't billable)

As a trichologist I try to bridge that gap, helping you to find solutions when modern medicine has only taken you so far. In addition to treatments, I love giving immediate solutions.

Enter the world of alternative (alt) hair. Alt hair just means wearing hair that isn't growing out of your head. This can mean wigs, extensions, toppers, etc. When you are dealing with hair loss you are already searching for every bit of info on your condition, so let me break down the options you have for concealment.

Top of the head hair loss

For top of the head hair loss, you are typically going to be looking for a topper. You can get an On-Demand topper, this will typically clip on and you wear it for the day and take it off to sleep.

There are also 24/7 toppers that are semi permanently attaching to your hair. You wear these all the time and they will typically need maintenance in the salon every 3-5 weeks.

You can read more about our toppers HERE.

For smaller areas of thinning or baldness there are 3 other options. The first is v-light extensions. This will add a bit of density to small areas of thinning but attaching a small amount of extension hair to your hair with a UV cured attachment. V-light extensions are maintained every 2-6 weeks in the salon. The second is similar to v-light, it is called micro-point. In micro-point 2-3 individual strands of hair are tied to a single hair to increase density. This will need maintenance every 3-6 weeks, and the knots are sometimes noticeable. The third is a hair patch, this is for small spots that are completely bald. This is cut to the size of the bald patch and glued on when wanted at home.

For density or length issues

If you have lost a lot of density in you length then hair extensions might be the best option. You can choose from On-Demand extensions or 24/7 extensions. Both options are gentle and will allow you to continue to grow your natural hair.

On demand extensions allow you to wear them when you want them and take them off when you don't. They don't cause any damage and are perfect for daily wear or special occasions. They are also very secure so you can wear them and still feel confident when the wind blows. You can learn more about on-demand extensions HERE.

24/7 extensions are semi permanently bonded to your hair and require maintenance every 6-10 weeks. Our preferred method is hand-tied extensions, if your hair is extra fragile we add a mesh integration attachment to ensure we aren't damaging your natural hair. You can read about all options for 24/7 extensions HERE.

Total Hair Loss

If you are facing the loss of the majority of your hair them your best option might be a wig. Wigs have a bed rep, because many people don't want anyone to know they're wearing a wig. Wig design has come a long way and there are so many options and most are completely undetectable. We are currently curating a collection of wigs to off in the salon. If you want to be the first to know about wigs and associated services CLICK HERE.

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