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Expensive Brunette

Brunettes are having their moment!

If you haven't heard, the latest hair trend is 'Expensive Brunette', and it is so pretty.

What it is: It enhances your natural brunette with golden or muted highlights. It brightens your natural color, shows off your eyes and makes it look like you just spent a month on the beach. Best of all it looks effortlessly beautiful. It is styled with some waves or curls and has tons of shine to show off how healthy and rich your brunette hair really is.

Who should get it: Natural brunettes, and unnatural brunettes. Even if you think your hair is black and not brunette there is a version of Expensive Brunette for you.

How to talk to you stylist: Pictures are key, there are a lot of versions of Expensive Brunette based on what tones look best on your skin tone. Show your stylist pictures of what you're attracted to and if they think a different tone would suit you better they will recommend it.

Maintenance: Little to none. The highlights to create Expensive Brunette are done soft, subtle, and blended, so you can easily let them grow out. If you love them and wait to keep them up then 10-12 weeks between appointments will be perfect.

How to keep your hair looking shiny at home? Spruced Nourish products and Everything Oil will keep your expensive brunette looking expensive.

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