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DIY Hair Extensions that actually look good??

You love hair extensions but you're ready to not be wearing them 24/7 or salon maintenance is no longer in your budget. If this sounds like you, here is how you can turn your hair extensions into beautiful halo hair extensions.

If you haven't been wearing extensions but you want to make your own this tutorial will work well for you too, but you may want to have a professional stylist color and cut your halo to perfectly match with your hair.

What you need:

  • Hair extensions: This can be hand tied wefts, machine wefts, or mini wefts. If this is hair that you have been wearing as beaded rows, leave them in their rows.

  • Wig lace: Ideally this will match your hair's base color but if you can't find it in the right color you can always adjust it with a sharpie/marker.

  • Needle: We prefer a curved needle, but any needle will do.

  • Thread: This should match your hair's base color.

  • Fishing line


  • Weave glue: This adds extra support to the hair and a little grip to hold it in your hair.

  • Nano beads: you can use these to help hold your knots in better but they aren't necessary. You can also just dab them with super glue.

  • Small Lingerie Hooks: If you want to make your halo adjustable you can use hooks and thread to make it adjustable, but if you're the only one wearing it, it's likely not necessary.


Step 1: If your extension hair is not already in rows you will want to make them yourself. Measure around the back of your head from the top, one ear to the other. You will want roughly 4 wefts of hair if you just want fullness and 8-12 if you want to add length.

Step 2: Cut a piece of the wig lace to be the same ear to ear length and 2-3 inches wide. You may want to taper your rows and lace making the lower pieces not fully extend from ear to ear, if you are adding a lot of fullness and length.

Step 3: Start by sewing on the extension piece that will sit lowest on the extensions. We use a simple blanket stitch because it is strong and durable and you can anchor it occasionally as you go.

Step 4: Continue sewing the extensions to the lace moving up the piece of lace. When you finish sewing you can flip your halo piece over and reinforce your sewing with weave glue if you want.

Step 5: Use a Nano bead and knot to anchor a piece of fishing line just under the top weft of your halo. Put your halo on your head and measure the length of line you will need and anchor the other side with a Nano bead and knot.

Step 6: If necessary your extensions may need to be cut to blend with your natural hair. Your stylist can help you with this, be sure to let them know so they can add the appropriate amount of time to your appointment.

If you'd prefer a short video tutorial then make sure to check out our instagram page or click the links below.

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