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9 Things you should ask before getting hair extensions:

If you're interested in hair extensions you've likely been looking for a stylist near you who does them. Here are the top things you should look for when finding the right stylist.

1. A current website with plenty of detail and pricing about extensions.

Years ago, extension pricing was a big secret. Partially because they are a luxury service, and partially because stylists were kind of making it up as they went along. Now your stylist should be able to proudly display prices or at least have a reasonable range to show for what you want.

2. What your hair will look like when pulled up in a ponytail or parted for pigtails?

There are many methods of extensions (link to methods blog). Some do not give flexible styling options especially when it comes to ponytails or pigtails. Be sure to show your stylist your go to styles and see if they will be compatible.

3. How often will you need to go to the salon for maintenance?

All extensions require some maintenance, be sure the maintenance works into your schedule and your budget.

4. What will I need to do at home to maintain?

You want to get a good idea of how much time your extensions could add to your routine daily or weekly. Some extension methods add almost no maintenance, some may add virtually non.

5. How long will the hair last, how many maintenance appointments can you get out of it?

Often the big ticket part of hair extensions is the hair. Good extension hair is not cheap, so if it seems too good to be true it might be. So if you're investing in good hair you want it to last so find out how long until you will need to purchase hair again, and how many maintenance appointments that works out to.

6. Will extensions fit in your lifestyle?

Be sure to share some details about your lifestyle with your stylist. They need to know your work out routines, if you are a swimmer or surfer or any other activity

that could effect your hair so that you can be set up for success.

7. How long will your application appointment take and how long will maintenance appointments take?

You are busy, we all are. Be sure you have the time to commit to being in the salon.

8. What is included with my application?

Many stylists offer a package with your initial application that includes products, tools and a maintenance guide so that you can get everything you need to love your new extensions. If this isn't being offered, maybe look elsewhere.

9. Do you have extensions that will blend with my natural texture?

If you have curl or wave and you don't want to style your hair daily, then you probably don't want straight extensions. You want something that will blend with your texture no matter what. Be sure you stylist has an option that works for you.


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