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microlines transformation

Do you have?

  • Fine hair

  • Thin or Thinning Hair

  • Noticeable bald spots

These issues can come from many sources. 

  • Heredity

  • Cancer Treatment

  • Autoimmmune issues

  • Postpartum

  • Significant hormone changes

  • Diet

  • Necessary Medication

Our Microlines service can give you back the confidence you deserve.


This system seamlessly integrates with your natural hair to cover problem areas, add fullness and fill in length.

It can be used alone or in conjunction with our extension services for the ultimate dream hair. 

The Microlines system is attached with strong but gentle attachment points and integrates perfectly into your day to day life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Microlines work?

Microlines uses a lightweight net and top quality human hair to seamlessly cover trouble areas and integrate with your natural hair

Is Microlines comfortable?

Incredibly comfortable! The lightweight net allows your scalp to breathe and is soft against the head. 

Will Microlines damage my natural hair?

No, Microlines are designed specifically for people with thin, fine, balding hair and the knowledge that every hair counts. Microlines uses small, even spaced attachment points that keep your natural hair healthy, strong and growing while covering problem areas. 

How often do I need to maintain my Microlines?

We will need to see you at once every 6 weeks, but many Microlines clients prefer maintenance every 4 weeks. 

How much extra time will I spend on my hair at home?

Most Microlines clients report a new found interest in styling their hair, we can't imagine why. 😉

You can keep your routine quick and easy.

Daily: You will want to pull your natural hair through the net of the Microlines. 

On Wash Days: You will need to quick dry the roots of your Microlines and pull your natural hair through the net. This could be up to 10 minutes. 

microlines transformation
microlines transformation


Choose 2 payments or 4 payments.

4 payments is done with PayPal Pay in 4. You must have a valid PayPal account. There is a $100 convenience fee for using PayPal Pay in 4. 



  • Your Microlines. The type of Microlines will vary based on your needs

  • Application

  • Home Care products and tools

  • Access to our Microlines Maintenance Guide filled with all instructions for maintenance and tips and tricks for styling

Prices includes: 

Price may vary based on length and texture needed to best match your hair


Microlines need to be maintained every 2-6 weeks depending on lifestyle and wear. 

Pull Through


If you struggle to do your pull throughs at home, come in a we can handle it for you.

Blowdry with Pull through


We wash and style your hair, and do a quick pull through of you natural hair through your microlines. This is perfect if you have trouble finding the time to do your pull through your self

Express Tighten with Blowdry


This is a 45-60 minute service. We will wash and dry your hair, and tighten your Microlines by adding a few attachment points in key wear places. This service can be done every 2-4 weeks between Reinstall services.

Reinstall with Blowdry


This is a 1.5-2.5 hour service. We will remove your Microlines, wash and style your hair and give youa refreshing scalp treatment. and your Microlines and reattach it. This service can also be added you your regular color service. 

**Receive 10% off your Microlines Maintenance Services when you receive color services or Hair Extension services in the same appointment.**

microlines transformation
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