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Here's the Rundown...

Your path to becoming a licensed Cosmetologist consists of 3 components: Pre-Apprentice Training, On The job training, and Spruced Apprenticeship Academy. At the end of the program you will take a State Board Exam to obtain your Cosmetology License

Pre-Apprentice Training (39 hours): To start you Apprenticeship you first need an Apprentice License. You can apply for you Apprentice License after completing the 39 hour Pre-Apprentice training with Spruced Apprenticeship Academy. In this time you will receive an overview of work place safety, sanitation, work place etiquette, basic salon skills, and assisting skills. Upon completion you will take an assessment test and can then apply for you Apprentice License.

On the Job Training: To receive you Apprentice license you must be set up with a mentor. Your mentor will employ you for the duration of your 3200 hour apprenticeship this will take a minimum of 21 months to complete. During this time you will be observing real salon life, assisting the stylist with their clients, and receive hands on training. You will also be preforming services to meet State Board requirements. 

Spruced Apprenticeship Academy: Part of your 3200 hour program requires 220 hours of classroom education. The curriculum covers California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology required education, hands on training, demonstrations, business building, and personal coaching. Upon joining the program you will receive a list of all class dates, times and topics. with supplies needed. 

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*We operate as a satellite location for The League XS Apprenticeship Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering *


Why an Apprenticeship over beauty school?

An apprenticeship allows you to dive in and earn income while you learn. You will already have a spot in a salon with your mentor, and will already be building your clientele. You will also have more flexibility in your hours if you are also working a second job. 

What are the exact steps I should take to get started?

-Find your mentor. This is a licensed stylist working in a licensed salon.

-Complete 39 hour Pre-Apprentice Training

-Apply for Apprentice License

-Start working with your mentor and your trainging with Spruced Apprentsiceship Academy

-Complete 3200 hours of training

-Apply to take your State Board Cosmetology exam and PASS!

-Continue working in your salon home and creating your dream life.

What is the difference between beauty school and an Appreticeship?

Traditional Cosmetology school is 1600 hours of instruction, and your Apprenticeshipis 3200. During your apprenticeship you are paid by your salon mentor while you earn hours toward tyour license. You are working in a salon within 3 months of starting the process rather than 1 year or more. The state Board exam, ciriculum and standards are the same for a beauty school and apprenticeship. 

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*We operate as a satellite location for The League XS Apprenticeship Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering *

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