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Are you ready to have the hair color of your DREAMS?

We provide the most thorough consultation to ensure we create a hair color that perfectly matches your wants, needs, lifestyle, budget, skin tone, and desired maintenance schedule.

Haircolor FAQs


Will lightening my hair will damage my hair?


As long as it’s done correctly and by the right stylist of course. One of our main goals with our clients is to always keep their hair healthy! When lightening your hair we make sure to not overlap the lighteners you may already have in your hair. That way you can have light hair without the damage! It also maybe necessary for it to take a few sessions to get your hair to the desired lightness in order to maintain the health of your hair.  

How often will I have to maintain my color?

It all depends on what exactly you want. We specialize in creating options that allow you to go a bit longer between appointments. Sometimes this means getting used to seeing your color look a bit different, but we promise it will be so pretty as is grows out.

Why bother?

I've always been told my hair pulls red or brassy so I can never get the color I want.

Everyone's hair pulls red or brassy, thats just how hair works. We have techniques and formulas to help combat that. Depending on where we are starting it may take a while to completely eliminate the unwanted tones, but we can definitely get you there. 

What do I book? Online booking is so overwhelming!

You're right, it can be. We have this quiz that can help you figure out what to book, or you can book a Consultation and we can chat about it first then find an appointment time for you. 

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