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Hair Extension Maintenance Guide
The Basics


  • Brush gently, avoid pulling at attachment points

  • Brush multiple times per day to avoid tangling and to keep your natural hair healthy.

  • Separate rows of extensions to brush if you have more than one row. 



  • Wash and rinse your hair row by row, then do the same with the conditioner

    • It will keep the scalp clean and hair clean

    • There is no need to overly scrub the extensions or your scalp.

  • When washing make sure to concentrate your shampoo at your roots and your conditioner on the ends​



  • Sleep with your extensions in a low ponytail, braid or low pigtail braids

    • Braiding will give you a styling head start

  • It is ok to sleep with your extensions damp, but you don’t want them to stay wet for extended periods of time



  • It is best to start your blowdry when hair has air dried most of the way

  • Make sure to dry hair row by row so that your hair doesn’t stay damp too long

  • Hot irons should be kept between 325 and 340 degrees

  • For ponytails, you should place your pony above or below your track(s) so as not to put extra stress on your natural hair.



  • Extensions coming into contact with chemical sunscreens

    • Mineral sunscreens are best which includes most baby sunscreens and our favorites Sun Bum Mineral, and Bare Republic Mineral

    • Avobenzone and Octocrylene are the ingredients to avoid.

  •  Prolonged contact with chlorine or saltwater

    • Saturate your hair with fresh water and conditioner before swimming, and rinse thoroughly after leaving extensions wet for a prolonged amount of time

  • If you are air-drying your hair and the hair at your scalp takes a long time to dry, then blow dry just the scalp area

    • leaving it wet against your scalp for too long can irritate your scalp.

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The Products

Shampoo and Conditioner

  • SPRUCED Everything Shampoo and Conditioner

  • SPRUCED Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner



  • SPRUCED Rejuvenate Treatment



  • SPRUCED Everything Styling Cream

  • SPRUCED Nourish Styling Cream

  • SPRUCED Everything Oil

  • SPRUCED Dry Shampoo

  • SPRUCED Everything Hairspray

Bonus Tips

Sleeping with Braids

  • Sleep with your hair in pigtail low braids

    • When you wake up, shake your hair out, run your fingers through with a tiny amount of Everything Oil

    • Then used a curling iron to curl the hair around your face and a few through the sides and back for a quick beachy look

    • If the ends feel funky, smooth them out slightly with a curling iron or flatiron


“Toupee Wash”:

  • Don’t want to get all of your hair wet? Just wash the top

  1. Separate all the hair above your extensions and clip your extensions and lower hair away

  2. In the sink or carefully in the shower tilt your head forward into the water and lather up, rinse, apply a small amount of conditioner, and rinse

  3. Squeeze out excess water and clip hair on top of your head

  • Your hair will feel fresh and clean without having to dry and style all of your hair. 


A Little Tease

  • Giving the crown and sides of your hair above your extensions a little tease will help if you are ever starting to feel exposed


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Bonus Tips continued

High Bun, or Ponytail:

  • If you want to wear a high bun or ponytail first pull all your hair above your extensions into a ponytail where you want it to sit.

  • Next, gently fold your extensions up to meet the ponytail and secure them together.

  • This will ensure you aren’t putting too much stress on your natural hair, and that your hair is smooth and extensions stay concealed.


Curling hair that is past your shoulders:

  1. Split the hair down the middle in the back and bring in front of your shoulders

  2. Take a small triangular section from the center back on one side and curl it

  3. Leave the completed curl behind your shoulder

  4. Continue in the same manner until you get to the front

  5. No need for clips and less of a chance to miss sections


Curling hair that is above the shoulders:

  1. Section the hair above your extensions out of the way

  2. Curl your extensions and the hair below them

  3. Split the hair above your extension in half down the center

  4. Curl one side, then curl the other side. 

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