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Client Name

Color Analysis Questions


Lifestyle Questions

What products are you currently using

Do you have any problem areas?

What is the natrual texture

What tools are you currently using?

What are your long term goals?

What would you like to see happen today?

Recommended Products

Shampoo and Conditioner
Styling Products

Color Questions

When was the last time your colored your hair?

How often do you color your hair?

What types of color services prior to today?

Likes and dislikes about current color?

Prefers warm or cool tones? (use swatch chart and pictures)

Prefers highlights to be blended or more defined?

Where should highlights (dimension) be concentrated?

Front? Top? ends? throughout?

Prefer highlights starting at the root, or a softer root?

How often do you want to be in the maintain your color?

How do you typically style your hair?

Haircut Questions

Describe Layering

How much length off the ends or where does longest length hit?

Bangs/Fringe? Describe

Describe Layering

Hair Extension Questions

Previous Experience with Extensions?

Length and/or Fullness? 

Interested in an option that stays in all the time (handtied) or

that you can just put in when wanted (halo)?

What is your normal hair care routine? Discuss major shifts

in care routine based on Hair Extension Maintenance guide

Type of extensions

Desired Length

Color Match: unmarked color ring for Hand-tied Extensions

Hot Heads ring for halo and tape

*note Halo is not available in all colors

Texture *curly or extra wavy is special order send 

management colors and pic of natural wave/curl to order

Today's Services

Color Service

Estimated Hours for

Custom Blonde?

Add On (to color service)
New Extension Installation
Extension Installation
Haircut Services

Initial Service Total:

Maintenance Services

Color Service

Estimated Hours for

Custom Blonde?

Add On (to color service)
Extension Installation
Haircut Services

Estimated Maintenance: 

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