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Model Call

We use models anytime we need to learn or practice a new technique or service. Below you will find the models we are currently looking for and the specific criteria the model must meet for each service. 



Is your hair fine and thin through the top? Have you considered hair extensions but you really need the hair on the top and most hair extension methods don't offer that. Microlines might be for you.


Microlines integrates a fine virtually invisible hair net into the natural hair to add fullness and length to the top of the hair. 

This model call is for our initial training on November 8th at 9am and the model must agree to the companies requirement as well as our salon requirements.

As the model you will receive your initial service free of charge (over $3000 value) as part of our November 8th class, You will be responsible for maintenance appointments as follows:

Full Maintenance $200 (6-8 weeks)

Tighten Up $75 (2-4 weeks)

Services needed will vary based on lifestyle and preference.

To apply email clean, clear photos

(similar to the before shown on this page).



Right Side

Left Side


Detailed photos of any specific problem areas

If you are a good candidate we will set up an in person consultation to go over details.

hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

Coming soon

We will add more model calls as we need models for additional services

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