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How to be sure your Hairstylist knows what you want 🤔

Has this happened to you? You go to the salon, you have a vision of what you want. You are in the chair trying to describe what you want, you probably even have photos, but still your hair doesn't come out the way you had hoped. It's not your fault, promise. It's not your job to know hair industry terms, but it is frustrating when you don't get the results you want.

So, let us try to help you achieve your desired look better;

1) Find a lot of pictures.

It can be what you like for hair color, the placement of it, hair cut etc. Also look for pictures that show what you don't want it to look like as well, they are both helpful.

2) Be sure the photos of the hair you love are similar.

Similar hair color, similar hair cut etc. Pictures of what you don't want are helpful if they have something similar to what you want, but also not exactly what you want (you know?).

3) Point out exactly what your favorite things are in each photo.

When you're in the chair talking to your stylist point out exactly what your favorite things are in each photo.

Examples: Do you like the placement of the color; where the highs and lows fall, do you like that the color is more bold in the front, do you like that it leaves a lot of your natural at the root, do you like that overall it covers most of your natural color, let your stylist know! Similarly, you can also show your stylist exactly what you may NOT like in the photo.

4) Your stylist should be asking questions.

When you're talking to your stylist, your stylist should also be asking you a lot of clarifying questions. If they aren't, and you aren't feeling confident that they understand what you want, tell them. Any stylist who is worth your money, will be happy to spend more time talking and looking at photos to help you feel confident.

If you get through your consultation and you still don't feel confident, in an ideal world you would just tell your stylist that you don't feel confident and end the appointment right there. Obviously, this may be way way way out of your comfort zone.

Another option is to schedule the consultation separate from the actual appointment, so you can meet your new stylist and make sure you're completely comfortable before committing. Many stylists offer free or low cost consultation appointments and it's better to spend some money to find out they aren't the stylist for you than it would be to spend hours with them and hate your hair after.

Your stylist should never make you feel bad for asking questions, and should be happy to spend the time talking to you about what you want to ensure that you both on the same page.

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