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Do hair skin and nails vitamins really work?

I have been doing a lot of hair loss consultations in the salon, and I've noticed something.

We are all taking a lot of supplements, and we don't always know why we are taking them, or how to optimize our intake to ensure we are actually getting the intended benefit.

So, today I'm just going to start with one of the most common supplements we hear about Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamins.

Typically, these vitamins will feature Biotin as the hero ingredient and some basics like vitamins A, C, and E. Some will also feature other micronutrients like zinc, manganese, and selenium.

So do they work? That depends on your body, do you actually need the supplementation. Our body stores many of the vitamin and minerals we need, and most are available in their most digestible form through a diverse balanced diet.

Most of the vitamins and minerals we need are fat soluble so our body stores the excess we intake for use whenever it's needed.

Vitamins B (which includes Biotin) and C are water soluble so our body flushes out any excess. That means our body needs to get some daily to maintain proper levels. fortunately for us these are found in the majority of foods we eat as part of a balanced diet.

This also means, when we are consistently supplementing Vitamins C and B without a blood test to confirm a deficiency we are really just flushing money down the drain since the excess is excreted with our urine.

I recommend my clients who are concerned about hair growth, or hair loss to have their nutrition checked. You can always ask your doctor to order a blood test for vitamins and minerals. Not seeing a doctor or worried about the high cost, you can also order one for yourself using Quest or something like (this is not sponsored)

Should you be buying Hair Skin, and Nails Supplements? Only if you need them. Supplements can be very expensive and if your body isn't deficient in the supplement you're taking then your wasting your money. The best way to get your nutrition is through food, try and diversify your diet as much as possible.

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