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24/7 Topper Maintenance Guide

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Hold your  24/7 topper in place while gently and thoroughly brushing. 

If you have a mesh piece, use your crochet hook to pull your natural hair through the net, this will keep your hair from matting. 


Try to limit shampooing to 2 times per week.

Before washing thoroughly detangle your 24/7 topper.

Position your head upside down, avoid angling you head back. This will cause excess tension on you hair piece and contribute to matting. 

Apply shampoo and gently press it into your 24/7 topper, do not rub. 

Use the products provided by your stylist in your care kit. ​

Always rinse thoroughly

If you have a mesh piece, pull your natural hair back through the net to avoid matting. 

Dry quickly after washing. 


After washing gently towel dry your hair and finger comb. 

Follow the directions for brushing seen above. 

Use low to medium heat on your dryer, not high heat.

If you want to air dry, just quick dry the roots of your hair and pull your natural hair through the net.

If you want to completely style quick dry until your hair is 80% dry, then use a brush with minimal tension. 

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Shampoo and conditioner

SPRUCED Everything Shampoo & Conditioner

SPRUCED Nourish Shampoo & Conditioner


SPRUCED Everything Oil

SPRUCED Strengthening Spray

SPRUCED Everything Styling Cream

SPRUCED Nourish Styling Cream

SPRUCED Dry Texture Spray

SPRUCED Everything Hairspray


If you wear a mesh piece, pull your hair through your piece often to avoid matting

If you're between appointments and your piece feels too loose, you can use bobby pins to secure.


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