Available Position:

Communications and Support Specialist

Job Title: Communications and Support Specialist

Compensation: Hourly

Requirements: High School Diploma or equivalent

Initial Schedule: 2 hours per week with option to grow into full time

Role and Responsibilities: This is a growing roll, where the right candidate can use their creativity to create the career of their dreams. Initial responsibilities will be with our salon company monitoring and updating our client rewards program, enhancing email communication with clients, optimizing welcome packets for new clients and physical correspondence. Additional tasks and responsibilities maybe added as needed. 


Growth can include tasks with our salon company or our hair care company. Additional potential responsibilities: website editing and optimization, additional customer service upgrades, order fulfillment, branding, personal branding, social media content creation.

Metrics for Success:

  • Increased client retention for all stylists

  • Increased use of our rewards program

  • Increase new Target Market clients

  • Increased salon revenue

Additional metrics will be added as responsibilities increase

To apply email: Info@TheHairStudioCorralitos.com with a resume, personal bio, and what special skills you have to grow this position.

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